How the Thumbport is used:

Note: Do not try to support the flute at the extension arm!

Common usage:

First, make sure the flute body is free of sweat and grease. If you have a new flute, it may be a good idea to wipe off it with rubbing alcohol. This will reduce the chance for the Thumbport to move from its place.

Please snap the Thumbport onto the flute at around the F key.

The tip of the right thumb should push against the flute at A with an angle (roughly 30 to 45). The extension arm of the Thumbport should rest naturally on the side of the thumb at B. One can scoot the Thumbport toward or away from the rib depending upon individual requirements. Because the contact surface is made of a soft plastic, it does not slide easily once in place.

Some people support the flute with less than 30. They can still benefit from using the Thumbport by adding the second contact point with the extension arm. Please see the FAQs page for more discussions.


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